What I'm Reading...

Today, one of the writing prompts at Mama Kat's is 

"What are you reading?"

This is something I can easily write about!

I have a tendency to read 1-3 books at a time, 
so depending on my mood, 
I have a choice of what to read.

 This book is great! 
It's a new-agey type book with tips and tricks 
for removing negativity from your home.
For the record, 
I think it's completely normal to use crystals, essential oils, 
as well as feng shui to help create balance in your home.

Because the countdown is on...
Only 62 days until Blay and Qhuinn's book comes out,
so I'm starting a re-read of Books 1-10

And yes, this is the December issue.
I'm a tad behind with my magazines.
I'm also a tad behind with working out this week...

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