So gather around
And see what the day brings

And see what makes you laugh

And see what makes you sing

And never, nevermind

The thing that people say

You'll never go away

You'll never go away 

It's amazing how a song - the lyrics, hell, just the tune, can take you back to that time. All the feelings come flooding back as though it was yesterday that you were standing there in the park and the words that could never be taken back were said. The world came crashing down and there was nothing but sadness and then darkness.

 ...and you never know just how dark this screen can be...

The ever-gnawing feeling of emptiness that sat like a rock on your chest, crushing you so hard that it was tough to breathe. So you cut and you fought and you cried and you died...  wondering if the sun would ever shine again. Wondering if you would ever smile again. Wondering if the hole in your soul would heal or if it would just be a gaping wound forever...'s just a matter of time....

It's amazing what time can do.

Lyrics by Brad - one of the best bands no one has ever heard of...
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