Being thankful, day whatever...

I had a great idea for a thankful post for Sunday. However, certain events over the weekend made it pretty hard to work up the energy to post anything.

Let's start with Saturday - It was my first call to Poison Control. Keira got her flonase in her eye (she jerked as I pumped). My first thought was to rinse her eye. Her first thought was to scream bloody murder and flail around as I tried to rinse her eye. There was a lot of yelling: me yelling for her to hold still, Keira yelling about her lovey (and the fact that she wanted me to hold her hand but since I only had 2 hands there wasn't enough to go around), and Keith yelling because stressful situations are not his forte (love you honey!).  Add Connor crying because he couldn't find his Mario pajamas, and Colin crying, because well, that's what he does... I was ready the day to be over. However since Keira was saying that her eye still hurt, I called the after hours ped line, who left me on hold for about 10 minutes.  After the nurse picked up, she asked all the legal (although not quite relevant) questions - like is she is dire distress? does she have difficulty breathing? do you feel that this is a medical emergency?

All the while, I hear 1-3 children crying upstairs along with a stressed out daddy. After asking me all those questions, I was finally asked what my concern was. Once the nurse heard the part about "her eye", I was transferred to Poison Control (after receiving more information on how I should go to the ER if Keira starts to lose her vision - no sh!t sherlock was the response in my head, but I know there are idiots out there who would sit cluelessly at home so I politely took another deep breath and said 'thank you'...)

Poison Control was very nice, and told me I had already done everything I needed to do. Pain would be there for a couple hours while we wait for natural tears to come back. 

The kids went to sleep; it was a peaceful night.

Until they woke up at 5:45 a.m. Sunday morning.

Did I mention that Colin had a fever and cough all weekend? Connor spent lunch time in the bathroom saying he needed to throw up. Connor caught the fever (which per the pediatrician this morning, is actually bronchitis.)  Keith made his own trip to Urgent Care. The kids cried a lot.  Keira told me she'd be brave that night when I put the medicine in her nose, but I didn't have the mental strength to have a repeat of the night before, so we skipped that dose. I'm a horrible mom.

But wait, let me get to the thankful part. I am so very thankful that I have to volunteer tonight at a school thing and I don't have to take part in giving albuterol, flonase, flovent, children's Motrin, or an antibiotic today. Because frankly, I'm already exhausted. Colin was up all night coughing, and if his fever isn't gone by Wednesday, his bronchitis is probably turning into pneumonia.

That said, I wish sarcasm conveyed well over the internet. Hearing me voice Saturday night's episode of "Sarah's Crazy Life" is a lot more entertaining in person. ;)

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