Being Thankful, Day 13

I'm combining my thankful post with my happiness post today.

Last year, someone named Tom Turkey sent me a beautiful ring. I don't know who Tom Turkey is (actually I have a pretty good idea, but she is evasive when questioned).  Well this year, Tom struck again! On Friday, I received a small package in the mail from a shop (that I swear I saw a friend post something about on FB in weeks past). 

There was a sweet note, wishing me happy anniversary and signed Tom Turkey.

I have always always always wanted a family ring. Peridot for Keith, Blue Topaz for me, Ruby for Boy, and Moonstones for the twins. The fact that this is a stack-able ring makes it extra cool, because I always wanted one of those as well.

So I am very thankful for Tom Turkey, whoever she is. 

Happiness is a new ring and happiness is having a special friend like Tom. 

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