Being Thankful, Day 1

I've decided to take a big step - and blog every day mentioning something that I am thankful for. I had wanted to start yesterday, but was still catching up from my #1 holiday, Hallowe'en.  So for November 1, I am thankful for spending one of my favorite days with my favorite people.

First, Nana, Cousin Reid, Grammy, and I went to the twins' costume parade at preschool:

(Then I enjoyed an afternoon at home alone, watching True Blood...)

 After Keith came home from work, I put on my costume:

We headed to meet the kids at my parents' house for some serious trick-or-treating!
Unfortunately the 3 smiling children standing still are not mine.
I've got the jumping Spider man, the witch sweeping the sidewalk
and the ninja in the back staring off into ninja space.

Trunk or Treat at Connor's School

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