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Letting Go

There are times that having a husband with ADD makes me want to beat him with a frying pan. Like when we have a blow-out fight, and mere minutes later, he has forgotten about it and asks if I want to go watch a movie. When in fact, I'm still stewing and want nothing to do with him. ;)

But there are other times, I wish I had the ability to move on and forget as easily. Lately I've been looking at the internal issues that are causing me stress and wondering how much of them are truly things to worry about, and how many are just those things that I cannot control and need to let go.

Like not being able to sleep because I'm worrying about a friend who is mad, or spending hours being sad that I'm not part of the 'in' crowd in my twins' club, or the fact that I can't lose 5 lbs since I can't run with a bone spur, or that someone I know was given a really (really, really) expensive gift, and all I got was this stupid kidney disease.

I'm a new age-y sort of person, and lately I've been using my Oracle of Shadows and Light for divination. The recent cards have all talked about spiritual growth, letting go, clearing the clutter and "mold" from my life because it's affecting my health.

This one came up last night:

"Sea Storm - calm amidst chaos

Staying in tune with your inner wisdom, as, when all else fails we have 'this' to lead us back home, or back to our peace. It doesn't matter who you are, but as humans there will always be situations & times that are out of our control & unfortunately we must ride those stormy waves. During these changes or upheavals we must know th
at deep down we should just let the drama happen, don't fight it, just go with the flow.

Sea storm is a reminder that even if you're dealing with drama or chaos in your life, know that it isn't something that you can't get through, if you're willing to weather the storms. This card represents a transit period. Follow your inner guidance, what's it telling you?

Looking at the card, the seas are choppy and lighting strikes, but she looks calm, especially her eyes, which are a bit trance like.

Know that this will pass, everything in life happens for a reason. Bless hindsight, as that's a time when a lot of people realize why a certain something happened."
The hardest part is letting go.  
But I need to work on it.


Unknown said…
Awww.... Hopefully your stress will pass. As for the "in" crowd, don't you know, whatever you're a part of is the in crowd!

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