Mason Jar Obsession

I love mason jars. They are just empty jars waiting for me to fill them with something.
At the end of the school year, I made a gift for Connor's teacher with one. 
However, Mr. Coupon Keith was upset to find that
you had to buy a case of twelve mason jars.
I told him not to worry. I'd find a use for them. ;)

M&M Teacher Gift

Button jars (for disciplining the kids)

Cute organizers for Keira's hair stuff
(I also took one and put my barrettes in it.)
I've had this display in the downstairs bathroom for a long time.

The kids' "I'm bored" jar

My sister was jealous of all my mason jar fun,
so I put her birthday gifts in one:
a reusable bag that folds into a ladybug, a turtle charm,
and a coupon for movie night (Magic Mike!!!)
Lemonade. Or is it a mojito?
I'll never tell. ;)
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