Happiness is the right decor

Over the weekend, I blogged about 
the table Keith built me:

Can I just say again how much I love this table?

Now of course, the table won't always look so pretty. 
In fact, before I went to bed on Saturday night, 
I took off the silver tray, glass jar filled with shells, and vintage Nancy Drew books 
and put them away because the actual point of this table is
 that the kids needed some place to store their toys.  
I don't like just looking at a plain table while I figure out 
some kid-friendly things to keep on top.  
So yesterday morning, 
I had about 10 minutes home alone and decorated the table like this:

And last night, after working over-time, 
I came home to the table decorated just for mommy:

I think this last shot is my favorite one. ♥


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