Staying Healthy

The challenge for today, June 16, is "Fitness guru or couch potato? Talk about your fitness habits."

Can I say I'm both?

To be honest, I'd rather be sitting on the couch, reading. Or laying in bed, reading. Or lounging by my imaginary pool, reading.

But my husband is not like that. In fact, he does crazy things like the Warrior Dash. And the Chicago Triathlon.  In 90-degree heat.  See, crazy. ;)

Through him, I stay healthy. We have a gym membership. He cooks healthy meals that involve a LOT of chicken, rice and vegetables.  And because he gets the lunches ready in the morning, I find things like carrots and honeydew and snap peas in there. As I type this, I'm eating a "trail mix" he made for us: craisins, unsalted sunflower seeds, and a Kashi granola bar crumbled up. YUM!

Recently I've become addicted to Tazo's green tea with spearmint.  I usually make a pitcher each day and drink it throughout the day. My one vice is a MCD's large coke, and I usually have one a weekend.  Well, my other vice is movie popcorn, but if you don't go to the movies, you can't eat that. But for the most part, I consider myself a pretty healthy eater.

I also run and do strength training, though I have a really hard time being consistent. When you work full-time, it's hard to schedule time for yourself. And I hate going to the gym in the evenings after work. For awhile I was able to in the mornings, but now if I wanted to, I'd have to be out the door at 4:50 a.m., so I can make it back in time for Keith to leave for work  Lately, I've been trying to run before dinner. Which means I have about 30 minutes to get home, change, run and get back home so we can eat.  It's ok, but not ideal.

My bad fitness habit: SLEEP. It's really hard to get more than 6.5-7 hours of sleep a night. The kids don't usually fall asleep during the week until 8 p.m. or so, which leaves me only a short time to get things done around the house. The alarm goes off weekday mornings at 5 a.m. (And Keith sets his alarm for 5:30 on the weekends! Crazy, I tell you!)

What are some of your fitness habits?

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