Isnt' She Beautiful?

This is my little girl. She is full of spunk. 
And has an outstanding fashion sense.

The way I look at it, I had 3 years to put my twinkles in coordinating outfits. 
That time has since past.

Colin sticks with his favorite 2-3 t-shirts or Mr. Hugh Hefner wears pajamas all day long.

Keira Princess Rose (the name she gave herself), 
has more eclectic tastes when choosing her outfit for the day.

That outfit, minus the sweater and velvet hat, was what she choose 
to wear to my uncle's cookout on Mother's Day.

Who am I to argue with fashion?

Or maybe I'm just smart enough to pick my own battles.

If she wants to wear the same shirt and skirt for 3 days in a row
(I do wash things at night if she will take them off long enough to put on pjs for bed),
then so be it.

And when she twirls around in her favorite skirt
and asks me:
Do I look pretty, Mommy?
I respond with love each time:
You look beautiful baby girl.
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