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If I ever get my act together, I will blog about my experience at the RT Booklovers Convention I went to last weekend. But for now, you get a book review!

This book had been on my TBR list since sometime last year, after the Warden had recommended it on her FB page. I liked the author, Darynda Jones, so I was keeping up with her posts as well, but never had time to read the book.  At the convention, I saw Darynda Jones was signing, so I stood in line and bought her book, complete with signature and bookmark!

Now honestly I prefer vamps over all other PR books. But this book, about a grim reaper/PI was awesome! The main character, Charley Davidson, was born a grim reaper. She assists her cop uncle with cases, so to keep questions to a minimum, she became a PI who consults for the police department.  With her ability to see dead people (those who haven't crossed over for some reason), she is able to solve murders quickly. Not without about 5+ hits on her life during the first book alone, but she makes it through.

While working on her current case, she is also trying to deal with her dream lover - a man who has been haunting her dreams and begins to appear to her in real life as well. Turns out, he is Reyes Alexander Farrow.  Reyes's story is complicated and well, I won't ruin the surprise of telling you who he really is.

What I loved most about this book (well besides the scenes with Reyes) was the humor. Charley is more sarcastic than I am, and I loved her comments, thoughts, and even the little blurbs at the start of each chapter (mostly taken from bumper stickers and t-shirts).

There are two other books out in the series, along with a fourth on the way. I highly recommend this book. :)


Unknown said…
Will have to add that one to my TBR list.

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