Epcot, Part Two

Before we head over to the World Showcase, I almost forgot! 
While the grandparents and aunt took the kids to Canada:

 Keith and I were able to try:

It was such a super-cool ride! I had wanted to try it the last time I was here (for work, back in 2006), but I was 6 months pregnant with Connor, so I couldn't. It was amazing, and I'd love to do it again.

After we were finished, we headed over to find the family.

We visited Canada, and then met with some friends:

Probably the closest I will get to France.
I did get some good-smelling lavender lotion though.

We had a yummy lunch at Liberty Inn, the kids particularly enjoyed the band that was playing before and then for a little while during lunch.  (Lunch also was our respite from the torrential downpour that just happened to come shortly after we entered the building.)

We rode the boat across the lake a couple of times...

We visited with Belle
(BEFORE the Beast came out because we knew how well that would go over with our little princess).

We stopped off at Germany for a beer:

No trip to Epcot would be complete with a stop in Mexico to see Donald:

***Break in travel log to not discuss the ride on the monorail 
and Mommy getting peed on two times***

After dinner, we found a place to sit and watch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth:

After the show, we started to head back to the bus.
It was sprinkling a little, and the line for Test Track was short.

Keith ran in to do that, while the rest of us waited (wetly) outside.
 The rain began to pour, so it we hurried to the bus stop.

All in all, our first park visit went great!

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