Day 2 - Epcot's Future World

We got an early start for the first park of the vacation, which is broken up into two blog posts:

Aunt Diana, Keira, Colin, Keith, Connor, Me, Grammy, & Gramps
 Our first stop of course was to see Mickey! 
(Well Aunt Diana stopped to visit Stitch - 
pictures to come if my husband ever copies FIL's pictures! Hint Hint!!!)

Connor has loved Mickey ever since he was a baby, 
so I had tears of happiness seeing him hug Mickey for the first time:

This one makes me laugh because Colin didn't realize I wasn't next to him.
The look on his face is pure terror!
He loves Donald so much, but just wasn't expecting the hug!

 The kids loved the Nemo ride, we even went on it twice! 
Connor and I did Turtle Talk with Crush, 
while everyone else had an ice cream break.  
Snow White and Cinderella pictures to come! (Again, waiting on Keith.)
Keira was a tad apprehensive about vising Figment's Imagination ride, 
since she was still pretty scared of the characters. 
(You may have noticed, she was not in any of the above pictures.)  
Luckily he was only on screen. 

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