Why I Feel LIke A Grown-Up Now

When Keith and I got married, we rented a house from my parents. It was where my grandma grew up and was about 100 years old.  We knew we'd be moving in a year or two, so we didn't buy any furniture, just borrowed from family or shopped some resale shops.  Our house was cute, eclectic and fun.

When I was 5 months pregnant with Connor, we moved into the house where we now live. As a house-warming gift, we were given a brand new beautiful sectional for our family room, and took to furnishing that living space since that's where the tv was.  Over the years, we re-did the kitchen (cabinets, paint, etc), new living room furniture (to replace the sleeper sofa that didn't match anything), Keith added a second (full) bath off the family room (complete with a stone-tiled shower), and of course, furnished two nurseries, and then (sniff, sniff) big kid rooms.... 

Our bedroom, however, took a backseat.

Two years ago, I had had enough of the mismatched dressers (one from Keith's house, one was my childhood dresser growing up), and had Keith build us a matching set of large dressers.
(Which I realize now I do not have a picture of.)

But the room wasn't finished. All I wanted was a headboard.

But things happen, and other projects got in the way.

Until now.

This birthday/Christmas, Keith surprised me with a new custom-made headboard.

I love it!  It makes me feel grown-up,
now that everything in the room matches (he stained it to match the dressers).
Not only that, it's so pretty!
I'm so thankful for my handy husband, and so happy with my "new" bedroom.


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