Grandma was right...

I have a health issue that was discovered last summer.  Apparently stress makes it worse. And with my life, stress is abundant. 

I've been on a search to de-stress as much as I can.  Unfortunately the kids keep getting sick, and not one of them believes in sleeping through the night (seriously people - you are 3 and 5!) My husband also suffers from a disease called "as soon as my wife cleans/organizies something, I find a way to dirty/clutter it back up again". 

I received a free sample of some face cloths recently, and just tried them over the break. Ponds Evening Soothe towelettes are simply awesome! They are made with white tea and chamomile flower extract.  I had been using a different cleanser at night, which always left my face dry.  These towelettes are quite moisturizing, and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.  I swear my skin actually looks brighter!  (And they remove make-up, including mascara, which is a plus.)

I think the smell is my favorite part.  With the chamomile scent, I actually feel more relaxed after using a towelette, and go to bed more at ease than before.  (I still have a million to-do items running through my head, but with these towelettes, as well as my lavendar lotion I use on my hands, I truly feel more relaxed.)

The funny thing is, I always associated Ponds with my grandma. She swore by using their cold cream on her face every single night and said it kept the wrinkles away.  I couldn't see myself lathering up with cold cream, and never thought to use Ponds for their other products until now.  Gigii is pretty sick right now, and recovering from a few broken ribs caused by a stroke/fall on Christmas day, so I've yet to mention this to her - but I am going to tell her she is right! Ponds is a great product! ;)

Disclaimer - this review was by me, for me. Ponds has no idea I'm writing it, and I have received no compensation for it. However, should they see I wrote this, I'd happily accept coupons. ;)

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