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Best Christmas Gift Ever

Love love love!!!

Bittersweet Christmas

This was our first Christmas since my grandma passed away. One of the things we talked about after dinner was the location of Gigi's famous Taffy Apple Salad. I took a look through her recipe box and found it.

She used to make it for every picnic we had. And she'd bring it in the same cracked glass bowl. There was rarely any left - it was that good.

At our 4th of July picnic this past summer, there was a noticeable emptiness on the table since we were missing Gigi's Taffy Apple Salad.

I'm torn about wanting to make it - because I know it won't be nearly as tasty without being mixed by her loving hands.

A Story A Day Until Christmas

When I was a little girl, my mom ordered this book from Currents (apparently in 1985).  Every Christmas, she would bring it out and read it to my sister and I.  Now that I am a mother, I wanted to continue this tradition.  I found a used copy of the book on Amazon a few years back.  Last year, I pulled it out, but with the busyness of the holiday season, we only read a few stories. This year, as part of our Advent calendar, (actually it was day 2), "a new Christmas book" was the activity.  

Since then, we've read a story every night.  The kids LOVE it. It makes my heart smile, especially since as I am reading the stories aloud, I am reminded of snuggling up with my mother *cough* 30 *cough years ago as she read the exact same stories.

St. Nick & the shoes

When I was a little girl, my mom always had us put our shoes by the backdoor on December 5. The next morning, there was evidence that St. Nick had visited.  This year, he came in the night to our house.  According to the kids, he doesn't come in the house (Keira wasn't too keen on that), so instead he uses a magic key to open the window, throws the toys into the shoes, then shuts the window so burglars cannot get in.

The kids were pleased at punch by what was in their shoes this year:

25 Days of Christmas - Meeting Santa

Sunday's Advent calendar activity was to go see Santa. 4 out of the 5 of us had a great time seeing Santa.

25 Days of Christmas - Yesterday's post

Had some technical difficulties with posting last night, so here is yesterday's post.

Keith surprised me last night with two of my favorite things:

25 Days if Christmas - Making snowmen!

Our Advent calendar is ready to go! Connor moved the candy cane today and our activity was to make snowmen! The kids had a great time doing that while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music!

My first mobile post

Yay for iPhones! (Even old 3GS ones like mine.)

Trying out blogging from my cell phone to see how it works.

And also posting a favorite Christmas thing that I enjoy doing:

Introducing Peppermint the Polar Bear

After two failed attempts at having an elf come stay at our house during the Christmas season... The Evil Elf on the Shelf describes the first year..., Santa thought it was best to send something other than an elf.
So here is Peppermint the Polar Bear, who has traveled all the way from the North Pole to keep an eye on things and report back to Santa on if the kids have been naughty or nice.

He doesn't do much, but does move from time to time, but never when you are looking. It's been promised that he will never go upstairs into the kids' bedrooms... although Colin has requested that Peppermint sleep in his bed.  Keira is adjusting well. So far.

Being Thankful - Family Vacations

I realized two things - I'm in a funk so I haven't been blogging, and I never showed off Day 5 of our Disney trip back in, cough cough, February.

The formatting is off on these pictures; try as I may, I cannot get them to post correctly, so we will blame Blogger for having a bad day.

Highlights of the day at Hollywood Studios included the Muppets 3D Movie, Connor and Colin meeting Ferb, and seeing just how extremely excited the kids were to meet Buzz and Woody.

Especially the little girl who screamed and ran away from Mickey on day one, and screamed and sat through breakfast with Donald with a blanket on her head on day two.

I'd also like to add how EXTREMELY thankful I am for wonderful in-laws who gave the chance to experience this very special trip. :)

Being Thankful, Day 13

I'm combining my thankful post with my happiness post today.

Last year, someone named Tom Turkey sent me a beautiful ring. I don't know who Tom Turkey is (actually I have a pretty good idea, but she is evasive when questioned).  Well this year, Tom struck again! On Friday, I received a small package in the mail from a shop (that I swear I saw a friend post something about on FB in weeks past).

There was a sweet note, wishing me happy anniversary and signed Tom Turkey.

I have always always always wanted a family ring. Peridot for Keith, Blue Topaz for me, Ruby for Boy, and Moonstones for the twins. The fact that this is a stack-able ring makes it extra cool, because I always wanted one of those as well.

So I am very thankful for Tom Turkey, whoever she is. 

Happiness is a new ring and happiness is having a special friend like Tom.

Being thankful, day whatever...

I had a great idea for a thankful post for Sunday. However, certain events over the weekend made it pretty hard to work up the energy to post anything.

Let's start with Saturday - It was my first call to Poison Control. Keira got her flonase in her eye (she jerked as I pumped). My first thought was to rinse her eye. Her first thought was to scream bloody murder and flail around as I tried to rinse her eye. There was a lot of yelling: me yelling for her to hold still, Keira yelling about her lovey (and the fact that she wanted me to hold her hand but since I only had 2 hands there wasn't enough to go around), and Keith yelling because stressful situations are not his forte (love you honey!).  Add Connor crying because he couldn't find his Mario pajamas, and Colin crying, because well, that's what he does... I was ready the day to be over. However since Keira was saying that her eye still hurt, I called the after hours ped line, who left me on hold for about 10 minutes.  …

Being Thankful, Day 10

The last couple of weekends, Keith had to be somewhere early on Saturday morning, which left me unable to sleep in.  He made up for it by running out to get me breakfast.

I'm a really lucky girl.

Being Thankful Times Three

Days 7, 8 and 9:

I am thankful that I am qualified enough to have been one of the top two people in consideration for a job. A job I did not get, by the way. However, I am thankful that people on the interview committees actually said, "Wow, she'd be an amazing manager."

I am thankful for co-workers who were disappointed and in disbelief that I did not get the position (even the chic who thinks it would be "awful to have twins" gave me a really uplifting pep talk).

I am thankful I currently have a job that I enjoy. I'm able to assist students with decisions that will affect their lives.  I'm privileged that I get to do something that I like - which is helping people.

Being Thankful, Day 6

I am thankful for the right to vote, the right to choose, and the right to freedom. We've come a long way, and still have a ways to go for equality.

Connor's class is voting today - it's a tight race between Duck and Grace. (No clue who these people are, but a few years ago, Farmer Brown lost to Duck, and now it's Grace's chance to become president of the farm.)

Being Thankful, Day 5

I am thankful that I am able to be the bigger person.

I am thankful that I know how to be a mature, responsible, sensible person who would never dream of kicking someone in the shins when they make offensive comments about my parenting style.


I am thankful that I get to be a working mother rather than no mother at all.

Being Thankful, Day 4

I am thankful for the chance to run.

And chocolate after that run.  And for finishing faster (despite my bum leg) than I did two weeks ago. 

Being Thankful, Day 3

November 3 - I am thankful for my nice warm home. Although it's not as big and fancy as some of my friends, we've got everything we need here to make a loving home.

Being Thankful, Day 2

I am thankful for husband who still gives me flowers and presents after 8 years of marriage.

Being Thankful, Day 1

I've decided to take a big step - and blog every day mentioning something that I am thankful for. I had wanted to start yesterday, but was still catching up from my #1 holiday, Hallowe'en.  So for November 1, I am thankful for spending one of my favorite days with my favorite people.
First, Nana, Cousin Reid, Grammy, and I went to the twins' costume parade at preschool:

(Then I enjoyed an afternoon at home alone, watching True Blood...)
 After Keith came home from work, I put on my costume:
We headed to meet the kids at my parents' house for some serious trick-or-treating!

A Spooktacular Swap

When I saw that Sara and Jamie posted about doing a Halloween swap, I was all over it! If you read this blog, you know I love all things Halloween.

Jamie of This is Me; consequently had my name, and I was lucky enough to get not one, but two packages in the mail!

The first was filled with lots of fun stuff (including shredded nail polish and fun nail art, as well as a Cadberry screme egg that didn't last very long after this shot was taken!) Keith claimed the candy corn, although I did get a few pieces before he ran off with the bag. ;)

And the second envelope had these super cool masks that the kids cannot wait to decorate! (Pictures with children coming this weekend!)

Thank you Jamie for all this Halloween fun!