St. Nick's Day

December 6 is celebrated as St. Nicholas' Day.  I grew up with the tradition of leaving our shoes by the back door, and while we were sleeping, St. Nick would stop by and leave us a small gift.

Keira's excitement over her new sparkly headband.

She won't take it off, even for bed.
She told me she would show it to her teachers at school, and they would be so happy to see it.

This year, St. Nick left my kids some Mickey Mouse ornaments and a Christmas sing along with Mickey and friends DVD. They got to watch part of it last night and loved singing along with their friends!

St. Nick also stopped by Connor's classroom at school, but he left their gifts (a snowman pencil, a candy cane, and a note about remembering the true meaning of Christmas) on their tables.  What's funny is I remember being in the same grade school, and we would leave a shoe in the hallway during class.  I had totally forgotten about it until Connor mentioned St. Nicholas stopped by his classroom the night before.

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