Happy Birthday to Me....

Yesterday was my birthday. I like to think of it as Sarah's Holiday. I still worked. For a few hours, that is.
I decided to use some personal time, and treat myself to TIME ALONE.

Well, first I met Keith for lunch at a yummy cheeseburger place.

Then I had over 3 hours. ALL. ALONE.

I got to wander around Kohls for over an hour, without checking my cell phone, or trying to hurry through to get back home.  And I didn't look at anything for a child.

Just for me.

The bonus - a 30% off coupon! Combined with a little birthday cash, I was able to get some smarttouch gloves, a pair of jeans for about $9, and some new boots.

They are so pretty.

After Kohls, I headed to a couple other stores for Christmas gifts.
Then treated myself to a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks.

 It was my first time trying it, and I think it will become my new drink at Starbucks. Yum!

Dinner was at home with the family, and Keith had picked up a cake from Jewel.

The kids insisted on a candle (which they helped blow out), and all three sang their own original versions of the birthday song.  It was the sweetest moment. 

They helped me open my gifts from my parents and in-laws.  By "helped me", I mean I got to actually open one. The kids took care of the rest.  Then they spent the rest of the night wrapping up various toys in the tissue paper and giving me more presents.  After they went to sleep, Keith and I cuddled on the couch and watched NCIS by the light of the Christmas tree.

And, the night before, the miracle of all miracles....

Keith surprised me by putting in White Christmas.

And he watched the whole movie with me!

I asked if this opened the door to other musicals such as South Pacific and Grease, but apparently not. ;)

Despite a rough start in the morning, I had the BEST birthday this year.  I felt so loved and special.

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