25 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Welcome to my Christmas countdown!

Above is a picture of my Advent calendar. 
One of the best dollar store purchases ever!

Each day in December, the kids are able to move the candy cane to the current day.  And each number has a pocket underneath, which has a slip of paper in it with a Christmas activity.

Tonight, for example, we are going to put up the small tree in the downstairs family room. (It's the room with the tv, so I like to have a small one down there so I can see it while watching tv.)

The kids had great fun decorating our big tree, and I've saved some of their ornaments to put on the small one.

The month is filled with a lot of other fun activities, such as Polar Express, making Christmas cookies for their teachers, Holiday Lights at the zoo, seeing Santa, and more.

And for fun, here is a picture of Santa's sleigh. Apparently the Three Wise Men, the innkeeper, and an Angel are also needed to help the sleigh fly.

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