The Secret of the (Old) Clock

On Saturday night, I noticed something strange about the clock located on the ledge behind our couch:

The kids were already in bed, and by Sunday morning, I had forgotten about the missing hands.

Until dinner.

Keira: Mama, the clock is missing something. It's so scary now.
Me: Yes I know the hands are off the clock. Do you know what happened to them?
Keira: Yes, Colin took them off.
Colin: No, Keira took them off.
Keira (very dramatically and with arms flailing): I did NOT!
Me: Colin, did you take the hands off the clock?
Colin: No, Keira did.
Keira (more dramatically, more arms flailing, voice screeching): I did NOT!
Colin: I no take them off. Maybe Connor?

Twins look at Connor.

Connor: I didn't do it.
Me: Well, now the clock is broken.
Keira: That's ok mama, we take the hands and put them on. TEAMWORK! We can do teamwork and do it together.
Me: Colin, are you sure you don't know who broke the clock?
Colin: I did.
Me: You broke my clock?
Colin: Yes. And Keira.
Connor: That's ok, you just stick the hands back on the clock. That's what I did last time.
Keira: YAY! We do TEAMWORK! And stick the hands back on the clock. Connor knows how.
Me: Sigh.

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