Happiness is Christmas Pictures

We bought a groupon over the summer for JCPenney's.
 The idea was that we would get the kids' five and three year pictures done. 

And then life happened.

Suddenly it was November, and the children were itching towards 5 1/2 and 3 1/2. 
And there were no pictures.

We scheduled an appointment for Sunday.
Someone at work asked if we were doing holiday pictures,
and I thought - why not?
We've never had them before.

Let me just tell you the shoot was amazing.  The kids, for some unknown reason when put before a professional photographer, will smile, stand still, and pose.  (When I get out my camera, I have to chase them, tackle them, and then duct tape them to the floor to get them to hold still.....)

These are a few that did not make the cut,
mainly because I am using Shutterfly to make our Christmas cards.


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