Around the Table

Not really our kitchen table, but the kids last year at Thanksgiving....
I grew up in a house where we ate dinner together as a family. Every.single.night.

We continue the tradition now with our kids.

Last night's conversation:

Connor: How 'bout we do that thing where we tell you about our day?
Me: Ok, but let me sit down first.

Colin spills milk.

Connor: We have to say prayers.

The twins hurry and take a bite of food to bug their brother.

7 minutes later, a five-line prayer has been completed to Connor's satisfaction.

Me: Connor, how was your day?
Connor: It was good.
Me: What did you do today?
Connor: I played with G and F.
Me: Did you do anything else?
Connor: No.

Good to know my $300/month for Catholic tuition is going for a good cause.

Me: Colin, how was your day?
Colin: Good, I play with Keira...
Keira: No you didn't! I stayed here sick!
Colin: I played with you at Grammy's.
Keira: Oh yeah.
Colin: There was a horse. It was orange. Pee-yew! (holds nose)
Keira (laughing): Yes! So Stinky!
Me: What horse?
Both of them: Grammy's horse
Me: Grammy has a horse? In her house?
Colin: Yes.
He seems convinced.
Me: Keira, how was your day?
Keira: Good. I was sick. I went to the doctor, but not the new doctor, the old one.

Me to Keith - When did she get a new doctor?
Keith shrugs shoulders.

The conversation turns back to the stinky orange horse that lives at Grammy's house.

My kids are so weird.


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