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Lately, a few of the online groups that I belong to have been discussing Christmas. When you have small children, you Santa starts shopping early to get the best deals.  I've begun putting together the kids' Christmas lists based on things they have mentioned after looking at some of the toy catalogs that began arriving this month.

While working on theirs, I cannot help but think about what would go on my wish list this year.  I've always had a list in the back of planner where I write down things that I want.  Currently, I have two lists going - my fun list, filled with the things I want, and my real list, with that practical stuff I find myself needing.

I thought it would be fun to share my lists. (Plus I tried a peppermint mocha today from McD's, and now I am just a tad in the holiday spirit!)

Fun (otherwise known as Not-going-to-happen) List:
  • A trip to New Orleans
  • Kindle Fire (even though I love my Kindle second generation)
  • Money to buy more Kindle books
  • A spa day (and then a clean house with sleeping children when I got home)
  • A night in a fancy hotel (and then a clean house with sleeping children when I got home)
  • A clean house with children who sleep through the night
  • To see the Transiberian Orchestra again this year (because of Keith's back surgery, this looks like a no-go)
  • A year supply of Starbucks giftcards
  • Time to go to the gym (during those 6 weeks Keith is recovering and apparently cannot be left home alone with the children.)
  • The latest CD from Adele
  • itunes giftcard
  • New bag for work

Practicial List
  • A dustbuster
  • New living room curtains (some cute little imp may have broken/ripped my current rod/sheer curtian)
  • Jeans
  • A new comforter (which I'd get if Keith would ever drive to Carson's to pick it up)

As you can see the fun list is a lot longer than the practical one.
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