Just what I needed

Usually the sickness and crap hits later in the year, but this time it was apparently on Sarah-time (my sister gives me a hard time about wanting to be early for things).  The last two weeks have almost killed me with stress and worry.  I had one kid with bronchitis and then pneumonia, one with a sinus infection, and the other with a fever virus.  Keith made 2 ER trips in one week, and Friday I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and pleurisy.  BTW, this is my second time getting pleurisy. And it sucks.  Add in a cluttered house, a garage sale, a resale, an uncle getting diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer, and my grandma getting two blood transfusions, and I am struggling not to book a one-way plane ticket to an island in the Caribbean.
(Wait, is hurricane season over yet?)

Anyway, last night was the first time in over a week that it was quiet and calm. (Except for checking on Connor who had a slight fever during dinner - because hey, why would I ever expect to go one week without a sick kid?) 

No ER trips, no late night grocery store runs, no laundry.

Just me, Keith and this:

Actually this picture is quite old.
Picture some milk stains on the couch,
a few (hundred) toys strewn around the floor,
the table is not anymore because I have visions of Colin jumping off my glass table top,
you get the idea...
Oh, and this of course:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show.
(And of course, she remembers. Damn it, they better get together this season.)

Two and a half men was hilarious as well.

And even though I went to bed a little late, the kids slept all night, which meant, so did I.

A little bit of normalcy is quite nice.

I could get used to it.

But I won't.

Cold and flu season just got started. ;)

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