If I didn't work...

Today over at Mama Kat's, one of the writing prompts is to write down 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.

Aahhhhhh..... how to narrow it down to just 10?????

  1. Read. Everything I could. All the classics, everything on my TBR list on goodreads, and then re-read the BDB books again.
  2. Have a completely organized house. And office. And garage. (Although that last one would probably piss my husband off.)
  3. Take the children's literature course that my work currently offers. 
  4. Volunteer every chance I got at Connor's kindergarten.
  5. Make dinner every night.  (At this point, the job falls to Keith who gets home an hour earlier than I do.)
  6. Have a True Blood marathon - for I've fallen behind on Season Two.  I'd follow it up with a Haven marathon. And then watch Friends.
  7. Finish my damn novel that I've been trying to finish for.ev.er.
  8. Visit all the museums in Chicago. Because I'm still a historian at heart.
  9. Open the Etsy shop I've been dreaming about to sell the jewelry I make.
  10. Be tan.  (One of my biggest working mom peeves is that I don't get tan in the summer because I'm in a cold office while the sun shines brightly outside. And I'm tired of looking like a ghost all summer long.)

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