A Wiggly Birthday Party

Connor and Keira like the Wiggles.  Colin LOVES them.  I was able to track down bedding and wall decor for his room, as well as a sleeping bag (thank you twins' club resale). But his favorite thing is to watch them on tv and dance to them.  Well that was his favorite thing until he saw them live on Saturday.

When the music first started, it scared Keira. She kept asking my mom to take her back to the car.

He was in awe and so happy the entire time.  He didn't want to leave when it was over.

He loved dancing in the aisles!

She did warm up, once she realized that her brothers and cousin were dancing up front.
It gives me such great joy to see them so happy.

And it makes the little things, like Colin peeing all over me, worth it.

Well, almost worth it. ;)


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