Standing at the bedroom doorway (which is blocked by a gate because they are supposed to be in bed): Mommy! Colin is being so naughty! He won't stay in his bed even though it's bedtime!

Mommy, you have a ring on.
Yes, it's my wedding ring. Daddy gave it to me when we got married.
I love it. I want a wedding ring. When I a big girl.
I get to wear red heels and a shiny bracelet.
(We went to a wedding a couple weeks ago and she loved seeing me dressed up.  Apparently she thinks it was my wedding.)

Seeing my red heels: I love these! Thank you for getting them for me!

Mommy, when you at home, I don't wear your sandals. But when you are not here, I wear them ok? Even though you tell me not too.

While helping my mom do the dishes (my mom said it was like she was talking to them):
Nana does the dishes.
Daddy does the dishes.
Mommy just doesn't know how to do dishes.

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