It's the time...

...of the season....

Ok, now I will have that Zombies' song in my head the rest of the day.

It's still August, but with Connor in kindergarten,
 the twins in 3 days of preschool at our daycare center,
and students back on the college campus where I work,
it feels like fall to me. 
(The chilly temps in the morning don't help.)

It's all I can do not to stop at Starbucks and ask for a pumpkin latte....

We haven't even had our Labor Day picnic yet,
and I'm dreaming about jeans and my sweater boots.
The 90 degree temperature scheduled for Thursday and Friday
will squash those dreams as I complain about how hot I am though.

But I'm ready.
I've got my magazines and pinterest,
and my head is swimming with
decoration ideas for the house and yard. 

*Photos from Midwest Living magazine.

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