Happiness is a happy kindergartener

I feel kind of old saying I'm a mom to a kindergartener. But I am. And I didn't cry last week on day one.

Although I teared up a bit as I walked out of the gym and back to my car, all the while picturing my baby five year old, sitting on the carpet in his new classroom.

He comes home everyday and is happy. He wants to go back the next day.  He decides what he wants for lunch - and he actually eats it! (Although I wish he'd eat more than french toast and plain pasta, but I'm not complaining.) 

He got his first homework last night.  It's due Thurday, so we will work on it tonight.

He is wearing a belt for the first time, so we are practicing buckling it. And tucking in our shirt.  He likes to play on the playground, is learning some songs, and sits with boys and girls.

He is my little baby all grown-up.  And I couldn't be happier.  (But I still find myself tearing up a bit.)


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