She gets her stubborness from her father....

The thing about Keira is that you can't argue with her. 

(Well you can, but it involves a lot of tears, crying, and screaming. So it's just easier to go with it.) 

As you can see here, if Keira wants to take a nap when it's 85 degrees out in a sweater, with two headbands, in an outfit she picked out herself, that's what she does:

I get hot just looking at her.
 Later that day, she tried to wear the sweater to the park. 
 I told her it was too hot. 
She said: I need my sweater because I am soooo hot.

Here she is wearing a pair of red glittery Mary Janes, two sizes too big.
She told me she was wearing them to bed,
and that she would wear them to school.
I told her, you can't wear them to school because they will get dirty when you go out to play.
She responded: I will just sit inside while they go to play.

I decided her teacher can fight that battle alone.
Keira needs tubes again. 
So on Monday, we set off for the surgery center to have one tube put back in,
and the other tube replaced (the current one is just hanging out, not doing anything)
Just another day...

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