Birthday Party fun

We had big plans for our big birthday bash on July 4.  However, Colin woke up the night before, with the stomach flu.  So... we canceled the party.  Big bummer. 

I had already decorated, and Keith had to pick up the cake early Monday morning.

Keith took Connor and Keira to his parents' house, where they did some fun things.  Colin laid around on the living room floor, watching Wiggles and napping the day away.  I did a million loads of laundry in hot water and walked around with Lysol wipes.

Grammy, Gramps, and Aunt Diana came over anyway to help us eat up some of the food we had.  My mom came over later for cake (my dad was sick too).

In the kids' eyes, it was the best party.  Colin perked up in the afternoon, and we got the pool set up that Aunt Susie gave them for their birthday.  They had cake and fun presents. 

Only mommy was sad because it wasn't the party she had planned.  And there is LOTS of leftover cake.

But the kids enjoyed themselves, and that's the important part.

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