8 things that scare me...

I'm splitting my fears into two categories:

Rational fears, and then the ones that make my husband call me weird.
  1. Death. Kids, husband, family, friends, myself.  One of my biggest fears.
  2.  Car accidents.  Which lead to death.
    (See item one.)
  3.  That something bad will happen to my kids.
    (I still check them at night to see if they are breathing, and plan to do that forever.)
  4.  That someone will rob our house.
    Or that it will catch fire while we aren't home, and everything is lost.
  5. That I will be kidnapped in a parking lot
    and then raped, mutilated, and killed by a serial killer.
    (This may stem from reading way too many serial killer biographies
    and true life FBI profiler books in high school. 
  6. Spiders.  I actually consider this a rational fear. My husband does not.
    (Although I have a feeling it's because he is actually afraid of spiders. 
    When I ask him to come kill one, it takes him for.ev.er.)
  7. Bugs and creepy crawly things in general.
    (One time there was a huge centipede on our wall. Like cockroach size huge.
    And we get earwigs and silverfish in our lower level family room.
    Freaks me out.)
  8. That the back door is not locked when we go to sleep.
    Again, rational to me, weird to my husband. 
    (Something about me being OCD and checking the deadbolt 3 times....And then, when we are in bed, he plays a mean trick on me by saying,
    "Are you sure the back door is locked?"
    Knowing that I just HAVE to get out of bed and check again.
    Ok, maybe that one isn't so rational...)
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