10 Day You Challenge

I'm so tired (emotionally). And unmotivated.  I'd like nothing more than to sit at home, in the sun (because I seriously need to add some more color to these legs), and read my books.  However, it's not going to happen. Probably ever, it seems.  Anyway, my lack of motivation is leading to lack of blogging.  Well that, and the fact that I'm doing overtime because I so swamped at work.  July's staycation turned into a quarrantine as we were all felled by the stomach flu.  I could go on, but I'm working on my PMA.

When I found this challenge on a couple other blogs I read, I thought it might be fun.  And would give me an excuse to blog a little more.

Ten Secrets About Me

  1. I could eat McDonald's every day and not gain weight.
  2. I never ever (ever) wanted twins because I knew they'd be a lot of work.  And I was right. ;)
  3. I've only been drunk once in my life.
  4. I'm really good at being fake.  So people that I can't stand will never know that I can't stand them because I totally act like I like them.
  5. If I could go back and do college over again, I'd major in English.
  6. I think people who run marathons and do triathlons are crazy to put themselves through that much training. {Although I'm married to one of those people and super-proud of him.... ;) And I've got so much respect/awe for Nicole!}
  7. My dad lied to a used-cars salesman to get a cheaper deal on my p.o.s. car I had in college.  He told them I walked with a limp.  So I did when we went to go get the car.
  8. I cheated on boyfriend C with boyfriend N for two weeks.  And never felt guilty about it.
  9. If I was the type to throw caution to the wind, #9 would be that one time I did that one thing in a movie theater. But I'm not. So I don't know what you are talking about.
  10. I teared up when Q101 went off the air because it was the end of an era.  That station played the soundtrack of my youth, and while I love what my future became, it's always sad to say goodbye to an old friend. 

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