Then and Now

I'm the kind of mom that is sad over the little things.  As my soon-to-be five year old heads off to kindergarten, and the twins turn three later this month, I am sad that my babies are no longer babies.  While I am excited to see what the future holds, there is a place in my heart that cries as I imagine a life with no more babies (and no more new babies). 

One of the things you do as your children get older is get rid of those things that they are too big to play with.  Connor received a swing/slide castle for his first birthday, and it's seen a lot of play in our backyard.  Tonight, as I watched it drive off to a new home with three little "babies", my eyes were filled with tears of happy memories of time spent in the backyard. 

While I know there are a multitude of more memories to be made, I have a hard time looking forward tonight.  I'm thankful for the wonderful times we were blessed to have, and I pray that there will be many more years of such sweet thoughts.

July 8, 2007 - One Year Old

May 31, 2011 - 4 years, 10 months old

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