Summer Bucket List - 2011

Last summer, I made my bucket list for the season.  I'm happy to say that quite a lot was crossed by the end of August.  Today, over at Julia's, one of the Working Mommy Wednesday prompts is to list your top 5 goals for the summer.  My sister calls me an overachiever, so keeping that in mind, I listed more than 5. ;)

  • Read at least 10 books.  (Preferably on my deck, in my new Adirondack chair.)
  • Lots of water play with the kids. (Memorial Day had 3 partially clothed children and 2 very nekkid twins running around my yard, as Daddy/Uncle Keith sprayed them with the hose.)
  • Lots of zoo visits! 
  • Be a better gardener. 
  • Finish all scrapbooks that are just hanging around in my office.  (Um.... 2009 and 2010. Also, I'm pretty sure Colin's baby book is mostly unfinished.)
  • Plan one outing per weekend with just one child.
  • New job.  (Okay, this is something I have no control over, but I'm applying anyway. We'll see what happens.)
  • Start tagging/complete tagging for the fall resale.  (Rather than wait until two weeks before and live in a frenzied state of tagging.......)
  • Clean out crawl space. (This goes along with the tagging.)
  • Fix the six screens that are ripped.  (Well, this is really a Keith thing.)
  • Catch up on all magazines.  (Again, something to do while sitting in my new chair, while watching the children play in the kiddie pool/water.)
  • Evening walks.  (We did this every night two summers ago.  Last year was tough because the twins were likely to fall asleep in their stroller, but this year, everyone has new bikes!)
What's on your summer bucket list? 

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