A memory I'm trying to block out...

Part of me cringes at the thought of sharing this story with the world.  The other part feels, hey that's life.

On Sunday, after our church picnic, we headed back to the house to play in our little pool.  Colin is working on life without diapers, so he was in his swim trunks with no pull-up.  They were happy getting wet and playing in the pool.

Colin was standing on the cement patio (pool was in the grass, I was on the deck). He said he had to go potty.  Keith had walked up at that point, and seeing Colin soaking wet, with grass and dirt up and down his legs, said the words that changed our lives forever: Just pee out here.

Before I had time to sigh, I hear Connor say, Great idea Daddy!  In a flash, he is out of the pool and standing in the grass, trunks down, peeing.  At the same time, Colin pees through his swim trunks. On the cement.  Keith tells him to go in the grass, so he does.  Strips his shorts off and pees again.

For some reason (perhaps having something to do with the fact that I feel my children are out to get me), one child cannot be naked without the other two joining in.  Connor sees Colin naked, so he takes off his trunks.  Keira, not to be the only one clothed, strips off her suit. 

Fast forward five minutes - I finally have Connor and Colin back in their trunks. 

Suddenly I hear Keith yell, Keira!  NO!

There is my beautiful (naked) daughter. 

Peeing on the grass.

Needless to say, family fun time in the pool was over. ;)

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