B is for breakdown

After the week I had (crazy work, naughty children, needles, and a hospital stay), and the week that is coming up (crazy work, I'm assuming naughty children, hopefully no more effin needles, and waiting for results from the doc), I've decided that I will be allowing myself one breakdown per day.

As I type this sitting in my hospital room (thank heavens for iPhones!), I have decided that the breakdowns will not consist solely of tears, but also a little shopping therapy, book reading while the house lies in ruins (ok it's not that messy, but maybe I will just leave the laundry alone for awhile), ice cream before bed, and at least one sick day from work.

Plus lots and lots of cuddles with the kids since I missed out on a whole day-and-a-half worth of them.

*Written 6/11/11*  Apparently posting to your blog is not something you can do from your iphone.

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