Happiness is my little girl

She is only 2 1/2 half years old.

She changes her outfits at least 4 times a day, and is most creative in what she wears.

She loves to wear her princess underwear, and then tell me she has to go potty 5 times in an hour, only to sit on the toilet and sing.

 She says, Damn it Colin.  In the right context.

She has an obsession with bags, and stuffed animals, and her Princess playing cards.

She loves Minnie, and Daisy, and Dor-Dor (Dora), and Princess Aurora.

She likes to yell out, Justin Bee-ber, where are you?

She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

She is super smart for her age.  And she has no problem telling everyone everything.

She is very concerned about hiding her toys so No boys get my stuff.

She is quick to tell me how much she loves me. And her brothers.  And her daddy.

I've noticed she has already wrapped her daddy around her little finger.

If Colin is hurt, she will come over and rub his back while he cries.

Unless she is the one who caused him to cry.

Then she comes over and touches his back and says, Sorry Brother.

She is my life, my love, my heart.


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