Happiness is Mother's Day...

Sunday was a fabulous day.  I started it off early in the morning, running my first ever 5K.  It was amazing. 
It took me a little longer than I had thought it would, but I didn't come in last place,
so the race was a success. ;)

Keith had gotten me flowers a couple days before, and Connor had picked out a giant heart chocolate chip cookie at the grocery store the day before.  The twins also surprised me with plants and very cool necklaces that they made at school.

The white carnation was handed out to all the runners after the race.  Connor picked mine out!

Keith also surprised me on Sunday with a beautiful bracelet from etsy.

It's kind of hard to see (because I took a picture on my phone), but the charms are personalized: 

Connor (rectangle), Keira (larger disc) and Colin (smaller disc), as well as 10.30.04 (the date we got married - located on the right side of the picture).  There are also charms such as a heart, key, four-leaf clover, flower, and butterflies, as well as black pearls and white pearls. 
The etsy shop where he bought it is called Organic Rust Creations.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. 

Hot dogs on the grill for lunch, and Chipotle for dinner (the children were in heaven with their french toast sticks).  We played outside, and Connor and I visited the great-grandmas as well. 


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