Happiness is bathtime...

I will admit it.  I don't do bath time.  Never have. Keith looked at tubby time with Connor as his time to bond with him.  Then the twins came along, and it moved into some sort of assembly line process.  Wash, rinse, hand to mommy to dry, repeat.

As the twins got older, we would put all three kids in the bath.  Keith would still do the washing, and I would do the drying/dressing/etc.  Usually after one kid is out, I rock them like a baby while they sing Rock-a-bye Baby to me.  (It's always so much fun when the tree falls because I pretend to drop them and they laugh.)

Yesterday there was no nap time.  (Sob.)  By dinner time, it was very apparent that there was no nap time. So when the twins finished crying eating, I took them upstairs and started the bath water.  I don't know what it is about water, but it changes my kids into little happy things. (As long as there is water in the tub.  When it's time to get out, that's another story.)

They laughed, they splashed, they discovered that when there is only two kids in the tub, they can lay down.  They laughed some more. And after they were wrapped tightly in their towels, they sat on my lap, like they used to do when they were babies, and they wanted me to rock them.  There is nothing sweeter than the sounds of two innocent voices belting out the words to Rock-a-bye Baby.


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