Angels and Miracles

I truly believe we are being watched over.  And Keira has her own special guardian angel, as well as St. Therese (Keira's middle name is Rose in honor of St. Therese, the Little Flower). 

On Easter Sunday, we went up to Gigi's (my grandma) house, as we do every year.  Most of the adults and kids were in the house, but my uncle took Connor and Keira outside while he was weeding the garden.  Gigi lives in the house that my grandfather grew up in.  Their neighbor's house is a similiar situation - the woman that lives there grew up with my mom and her siblings, her mother was Gigi's BFF, that sort of thing.  Her daughter has one of those turtle sandboxes with a cover.  Keira and Connor went to the sandbox to play, while my uncle, and eventually my aunt, were nearby. 

After awhile, my aunt went over to see what the kids were doing in the sandbox.  And clutched in my two year old daugther's hand, filled with sand that she was pouring into a plastic bucket, was a glass bottle that had been broken and was jagged at the top.  Sharp points too, ones that could have caused some serious damage to a person.

Keira had no idea she was playing with what could potentially be a deadly weapon.  And who knows what kind of idiot put a broken glass bottle into a sandbox, knowing children play there.  Obviously, Keira's special guardian angels were watching over her (and Connor). And I'm so thankful for that.

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