Things they say.....

My blog has been suffering the past few weeks - but hopefully that will change and everyone will stay healthy and I will win the lottery.  Although 2 out of 3 would be okay too.... ;)

Conversations this week include:

To her teacher: "My mommy is so happy when I go potty on the potty chair!"

Me: I don't want to see a note from Miss Connie tomorrow saying you were not nice to your brother.
Keira: Ok, Miss Lisa send a note!

I burp in my butt. (when she passes gas)

I tooted (when she burps)


(I can't believe I am writing this out for the world to see.)
After getting over a horrible case of the stomach flu, Connor told me he had to go to the bathroom.  He called me in the room with excitement, told me to close my eyes, then told me to open them.
Ta-Da!  Look Mommy! I got my old poop back!


Daddy tell me no fruity pebbles.  (as we were trying to leave for school, and Colin decided he just had to have a bowl of cereal before we left.)


Connor: Can I have a white donut at Nana's?
Colin: Nana no have white donuts.
Connor: Yes she does.
Colin (firm in his response): No, no more white donuts. Nana no white donut.


I walk in and catch them both jumping off Keira's bed. 
Keira turns to Colin and says: No Colin, we don't jump off beds.

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