Happiness: Week Four

Forgive me for using an old picture, but it fits with the post about happiness.....

Connor, 1 day old
Last night at dinner, we were enjoying some of Aunt Diana's banana chocolate chip cookies.  I finished mine first, and Connor asked what happened to my cookie. 

Me: It's in my tummy. 
Connor: But that is where Keira and Colin were, remember? 
Me: That's right, Keira and Colin were in my tummy together.
Connor: But I was there first, right? I am your first baby.
Me: Yes baby, you are my first baby.

This conversation makes me tear up a little, both from joy and sadness.  Joy as I remember the tiny little baby that I held so preciously in my arms four and a half years ago.  Sadness as I think to next fall when my first baby starts kindergarten.  Where has the time gone?  Where is my little baby? 

Ah yes, he has grown into the sweet "big" boy, who still loves to give his mommy a kiss on the nose before bed, enjoys playing with his little sister and brother, and keeps my heart filled with happiness.

I'm playing along with Leigh today at Leigh vs. Laundry.

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