52 Weeks of Happiness - Week One

It's Fat Tuesday, so I've got my beads on. 
And not just any old beads, but ones that came directly from New Orleams. 
(For the record, I didn't get them the old-fashioned way one gets beads in New Orleans.  I'm just saying...)

It's not just the beads, it's the city. 
It's the sense of calm I get when I think of a place, so far away from me. 

It's the quiet that comes when I picture myself sitting at the Cafe du Monde, having beignets and cafe au lait. 

It's the memory of Keith and I trekking to the water's edge early one morning to watch the sunrise. 

It's the total happiness I feel when I'm having a bad day, and imagine that I'm really sitting here:


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