Organizing Priorities

One of the things I feel I need to focus on as a working mother of three children under five is my priorites.  Of course, my number one priority is my family.  And it will always be that way.  But sometimes I need to work on the other important things in my life.  Those things that seem to have fallen by the wayside after having three children in two years. 

A question that has been coming up lately for me is:

 "What do I want to accomplish with my life?" 

Obviously the marriage, kids and family accomplishments have been huge, but I'm only 33 (right? I'm 33?) - there is a lot of life left for me.  Along with that question comes this one:

"If I could do anything with my life, what would it be?"

So as I look to answer those questions this year, I also need to focus on setting my priorities. 

This week's goals are:

  • Make a list of my top ten priorities/goals.  They need to reflect what is important to me.  I will keep them in a prime spot so that I can review them on a regular basis.
  • Make a list of projects that need to be done, as well as ones that I want to get done.  I need to make sure that while doing things that are required, I am also doing fun things as well.
  • Schedule time in my calendar to actually focus on my priorities.  One of my goals is to run a 5K this May.  To do that, I need to mark out time to get to the gym, as well as change some things about my diet that will help me reach this goal.  (Luckily I married an expert, so Keith is happily helping me with this goal.)
  • Honor the priorities once they are set. 

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