The Ninja

I had no idea we had a ninja living in our house.  Colin sneaks in and out of rooms in the early morning so quickly, you don't know he is standing right beside you (or in front of you) until it's too late.

The other morning, at 5 a.m., he woke up in his toddler bed, and called for me.  I went in, gave him his lovey, and told him to go back to sleep.  He said ok.  Minutes later, I sensed a presence standing next to the bed.  Kind of creepy. We laid in bed while Keith went into the bathroom to get ready.  I heard just the slight crinkling of sheets, and opened my eyes to see Colin, sliding off the bed and running out.

Yesterday morning, I went to get him up for school.  Imagine my surprise (and small heart attack), when I noticed his bed was empty.  Keith had opened the gate that goes downstairs, and the silent ninja had snuck down two levels of stairs without anyone noticing.

This morning, Keith and I were downstairs eating breakfast.  The only clue was a series of sneezes.  Without that alert, we wouldn't not have known Colin was joining us for breakfast.

That kid needs some sort of lovey that has bells attached.
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