Keira is 2 1/2.  And she talks.  A lot.

Some phrases from this past weekend:

"Colin, don't drink my water. That's nasty!"

"Dora is in trouble for not staying in her bed." 

"I used to be in mommy's tummy with Colin."

"I love purple.  I love pink.  I love hearts. They're my favorite."

"Where my stick-lip (chapstick)?  Put it up high so the boys don't get it."

Keira crying..."daddy just yelled at me!"
Me: "Why?"
Keira: "I bit Colin."
Me: "Why did you bite Colin?"
Keira: "Because I bit him."

Keira: "I show Grammy my pretty dress (new princess nightgown). I so pretty, right Mommy?"
Me: "Keira you are actually quite beautiful, did you know that?"
Keira: "Yes."
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