Organize Me Monday

With the start of a new year, I thought I would add a new feature to my blog.  Every Monday, I am going to be posting an organizing challenge that I will be working on during the week. 

Overall, I'm pretty organized, but there are certain parts of my life that need a little help.

This week's goal is to get our mornings more in order.  For the most part, I have things down pat.  Bags are packed the night before, clothes for the kids are laid out if it's a school day, coats and hats are located on the hooks by the back door.  Yet I still find mornings rushed.

Things I've done today:
  • I found that I was carrying my purse, my work bag (with planner and reading material), as well as my lunch and coffee.  I bought a new bag from Kohls that is big enough for my wallet and misc purse items, my planner, and my Kindle. 
  • My lunch bag is now on the counter, filled with non-refridgerated items, as well as any forks or napkins I might need.  Keith always puts my sandwich in the same spot in the fridge, so I just need to toss that in my bag and go.
  • Instead of finding water bottles that morning and shoving them in my bag, I use a re-usable water bottle that I can keep at work and wash out in the sink as needed.
Things to work on this week:
  • Plan all my outfits for the week and put them in one spot in my closet for easy access.
  • Put out all jewelry and accessories on my dresser.  (Side project: clear off dresser of non-essential items that are just taking up space.)
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier a day. (Would have happened today if not for my bedtime buddy - Keira hung out with me from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.  Then when she finally went back to bed without screaming, she made up some story between Dora and Diego with some loud sound effects.)
  • Find a cure for temper tantrums so that as I am ready to leave - early - I don't have to find Colin naked, which then leads to a 5 minute screaming fit (from him, not me) due to be re-dressed.

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