New furniture makes me happy! 

When we got married, we rented our first house from my parents.  It was a tiny quaint bungalow.  We took the sleeper sofa that had been living in my parents' basement because we didn't want to buy new stuff when we would be moving in a year or two.  I bought a pretty couch cover and called it a day.  When we moved, the couch came with us.  Again, we discussed buying new furniture, but didn't quite know how long we'd be in the house.  So we bought another new pretty couch cover and went on with our lives.  (FYI, we did get a really nice sectional for our family room.) 

Anyway, as the children got bigger, and more thrill-seeking agile, more of my living room furniture had to be removed.  I had a really pretty rocking chair, that I just knew was doomed to either break a kid (by them falling off) or be broken (by them rough-housing on it).  There was another chair that they insisted on climbing on, and again, I knew they'd fall and crack their head on the floor.  So we were left with our couch.  And the couch cover that need to be adjusted daily because the kids were climbing all over it.  One couch, one end table, and a train table.  Not a pretty sight. 

We were very lucky to be given a Christmas gift this year by FIL that allowed us to splurge and get our new furniture.  I wanted a love seat and big chair because there isn't a ton of space in our living room, and this way it's easier to move things around when I want a change.  Plus our heat vents would no longer be blocked by the big bulky couch.  And most importantly, the new furniture makes the living room look SO pretty. 

And that makes me feel happy.


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