Living the dream...

Well the dream I had when I was in grade school.  That was the first time I saw The Lost Boys.  It was on VHS, so I am thinking 1988-1989.  Probably not the most appropriate film for an 11 year old girl to see, but I was at a friend's house.  ;) 

This past weekend, Corey Feldman was only a drive away, hosting various movies that he had been in during the eighties.  I just HAD to go.  We bought tickets to see The Lost Boys.  It was the first vampire movie I ever saw, and one of my favorite movies of all time.  After he signed autographs, he came into the theater showing the movie and talked a little bit. 

To be honest, I always loved Corey Haim more than Corey Feldman, but I still loved Corey F.  He was pretty cute in person and seemed very nice.  I only wish I had saved a Teen Beat magazine - it would have been nice to have him sign a poster that I had had up on my wall when I was younger.  (Now, I'm guessing Keith would get annoyed if I had posters of hot celebrities adorning the walls of our bedroom.)

Me and my sister


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